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About Us

More Than a Parent Company

Community health providers are incredibly crucial to the health and well-being of all communities. However, many face operational and financial challenges that make survival difficult. By partnering under Brightli, organizations are able to do more than just survive the tumultuous operating environment. They can leverage Brightli's resources to enhance care, collaborate with experts across the Midwest, and take smart risks that allow for innovation, ultimately exceeding client needs. Together, we can offer more services, serve more people, and save more lives.

While we are a parent company that offers administrative and system supports, we also are the driver of the future and long-term sustainability of the community health our communities so deperately need.

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Our Structure

Brightli’s subsidiaries include Burrell Behavioral Health (and subsidiary Comprehensive Mental Health Services), Preferred Family Healthcare, Southeast Missouri Behavioral Health, Firefly Supported Living & Employment Services, Adult & Child Health, and Brightli Foundation. While these organizations operate independently and are governed by separate board of directors, their operations and services benefit from this model.

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Annual Report

Learn more about how Brightli is serving our communities by viewing the latest Annual Report.

Annual Report


Executive Team

C.J. Davis, Chief Executive Officer
Mike Schwend, President
Jennifer Gagnon, Chief Financial Officer
Stacey Hudson, Chief Human Resources Officer
Andrew Schwend, Chief Strategy Officer
Dr. Garima Singh, Chief Medical Officer
Tom Weber, Chief Administrative Officer

Board of Directors

Robert "Butch" Berry
Don Crosby
Tom Gaunt
Anthony Henderson
Dr. Hal Higdon
Sandy Kinsey
Nick Sanders
Elphanie “Sissy” Swift
Chief Paul Williams, Chair
Phyllis Wolfram